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The Office of Social Orientation and Community Involvement 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 of 推荐最近最火的堵博软件 addresses the needs of communities through academic expertise and volunteer works from faculty, students, personnel, and management.


  • • To perform our tasks and duties with all the capabilities we have and are capable of; and to complete our commitment on time.
  • • To dedicate our time and effort to the responsibilities assigned to us, enhance professional growth and productivity by cooperating in all the activities of the University; adhere strictly the rules and regulation of the University and the ethical standards of our profession; and bring honor and success to the University as we work and travel, even beyond our territorial limits.
  • • To share our knowledge and ideas with colleagues and respect the opinions of one another; help in the fulfillment of individual effort and give due credit to his or her achievement; make all our collective dreams and ambitions sources of strength and emphasize teamwork as we grow into a more progressive and responsible University.
  • • To fulfill our obligation and responsibilities to our country without reservation; actively support the projects and policies of our society and help bring progress and prosperity to the entire Filipino race.

These are our commitments. The reflection of our dreams and ideas, and the way of life, which we stand for.

“We create what never has been!”

General Guidelines on Rendering Social Orientation and Community Involvement 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 (SOCIP)

The Office for Social Orientation and Community Involvement 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 (SOCIP) takes into account the diverse differences and commonalities of the different communities it serves. Taking into example the implementation of its Community Education 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 namely: The Alternative Learning Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ALEAP) which caters to the out-of-school youths and adults to finish their high school; and the different Short-Term Courses that caters both young and adults to learn and gain additional knowledge on different fields; SOCIP ensures that community outreach activities provides access to all, regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, disability, immigration status, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or gender. Doing SOCIP activities whether in-house which is within the University, or, on-site which is within the community premises, provisions are set in place to address diverse differences. Moreover, access to Community Education 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 were made more viable through harnessing the potentials of information technology. The Dunong Lingkod website ( which is a free learning portal, was introduced in 2020 and was fully implemented in 2021. It houses ALEAP and Auxiliary Learning Resources (ALR) which includes micro-lecture videos, that aims to supplement students’ needs to help them on their studies. It also provides opportunities for life long learning.


Engr. Joyrence Mervin Q. Agas

Alma A. Canlas
Technical Assistant

John Vincent DC. Malquisto
Records Management Officer

Percival C. Parungao
Social Worker, EHSDS-LSDS

Michelle C. Ricafrente, RSW
Social Worker for Socio-Civic Support and Delivery System

Joshua David B. Perez
Systems Management and Special Projects Coordinator

John Ishmael A. Rellorta
Fund Coordinator

Contact Information

Ground Floor, Admin Building
Muralla St., 市内,
Manila 1002 Philippines
Telephone: (+632) 8247-5000 local 1103
                    (+632) 8247-5000 local 4014
Email: [email protected]