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The University

The 推荐最近最火的堵博软件 University offers its students professional and advanced scientific and engineering education with a healthy dose of the arts, letters, philosophy and social sciences to form men and women who shall possess not only technological expertise but also the human values and perspective that promote moral development.

推荐最近最火的堵博软件 upholds academic excellence and social responsibility as core values.

推荐最近最火的堵博软件 provides quality academic curricula that are current in content and state-of-the-art in delivery.

推荐最近最火的堵博软件 provides a learning environment that encourages the exercise of creativity and the experience of discovery.

推荐最近最火的堵博软件 captures the full synergy among instruction, research and extension work to heighten the learning experience of its students.

推荐最近最火的堵博软件 builds linkages with industry and government in order to maintain the relevance of its academic programs and to engage in collaborative research.

General Objectives

The University seeks to become an international center of excellence in integrated engineering, architecture and IT education. It seeks to develop young Filipinos into highly competent engineers, architects and IT professionals in order to meet local and global human resource requirements. It seeks to generate new knowledge to heighten the nation’s competitiveness in today’s knowledge-based and global economy. It seeks to apply knowledge in order to make the world a better place for Filipinos and humankind.

Special Objectives

Aside from the objectives stated above, the University declares the following for itself:

  1. Develop in the student quality values and attitudes needed to produce moral and ethical professionals.
  2. Provide opportunities to develop critical thinking and sound judgment essential in the practice of one’s profession.
  3. Foster strong ties among the faculty, students and alumni.
  4. Develop workable technologies that could tap the potentials of the country’s resources.