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Sibling Discount


The Sibling Discount is applicable to tuition fees only. Amount of discount given are as follows:

Undergraduate students
  • 2nd child – 15% discount
  • 3rd child – 25% discount
  • 4th and succeeding children – 50% discount

Senior High School students
  • 2nd child – 10% discount
  • 3rd child – 15% discount


  • Freshmen students, transferee or seeking another degree who are enrolled from Batch 2011 (1st Quarter, AY 2011-2012) onwards are qualified.
  • 推荐最近最火的堵博软件 Senior High School students
  • Siblings who have only one parent (only the father or the mother) in common are also considered granted that they can provide proof of relationship.


  • Accomplished application form
  • All students availing of the discount should sign a waiver indicating the terms and conditions of the program
  • Authenticated and photocopy of NSO Birth certificate of parent and both siblings

Application Form: Download Here.